Tihchinâkin or Cradleboard with Cover

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I used those cradleboards. I used wood and earth and moss inside. I never used diapers; I used only the land. I used the earth for diapers and even to wrap my babies. — Mary Ottereyes, Waswanipi When travelling, a child would be placed in a cradleboard. The women wore them during travel. When camp was being made, the child could be placed in it or it could be hung from a tree. The child would sleep very well in those. Some women didn’t only use the cradleboard; some used a simple wrap, more like a bag. Children were kept in these as well. Rabbit hide was also used to wrap the baby as it was so warm. The wrap would be sewn to the cradleboard. — Emma Saganash, Waswanipi



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