Painted Caribou Coat

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Gift of Sir William Mackenzie, The Robert Flaherty Collection

A tanned caribou hide was used to make the coats. A young caribou’s hide was used for children’s winter coats. The hats were attached and made from the young caribou’s head with the ears left on. My mother said the Elders used to wear the same kind of coats. The women wore longer ones while the men had pants made from tanned caribou hides and jackets. It would take a skilled person two days to make one if they could sew quickly. Red ochre was used to decorate the sleeves of the men’s coats, and their leggings were painted with it as well. The women’s coats were decorated with beads and the coats had very fancy designs. This was done so that the men could be favoured by the “Hunt.” Women were also favoured while they worked and accompanied their husbands as they went hunting.

– Maggie Natachequan, Whapmagoostui



Clothing, Hide and Fur Preparation


The Historical and Contemporary Legacy

Lending Institution / Lender

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

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