Model of Mitutisânikimikw or Dome-Shaped Tent

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We used this type of house in the summer when there are a lot of mosquitoes. It is a temporary lodge used for hunting and fishing. We made it by first hammering stakes into the ground to form a circle. Then we pulled them out and inserted poles for the frame of the tent into the holes. When people were in a hurry, they used willow for the frame. The poles were tied together with roots at the top. We then bent three sets of horizontal poles and tied them to the sides of the frame to keep it together. A hide covering or cloth was placed around the outside of the frame. We left a hole at the top of the structure to let smoke out, and covered the floor with boughs. The name for this tipi comes from mitutisân or sweat lodge.



The Land Has Memory — The Recent Past

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Richard Preston

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