Moccasins, Decorated with Porcupine Quillwork

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This pair of moccasins, reunited from two continents, demonstrates how our ancestors’ skills are valued around the world.

Finely decorated quillwork moccasins of this type would have been made for ceremonial occasions when weather conditions were not a concern. We make these moccasins without the high cuffs or leg wraps for moccasins used for walking on snowshoes. This exquisite example demonstrates at least three different techniques of quillwork. Note the precise matching of each row of quills. This would have required the application of quills of almost exactly the same width throughout. The fringes below the quillwork are held together in a simple twining technique using sinew cords and the exposed part of the fringe, which is painted with red ochre.



Clothing, Moccasins and Mittens


The Historical and Contemporary Legacy

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Bata Shoe Museum

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