Drum with Drumstick and Rattle

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There was a great respect for the drum. It wasn’t just a gift you gave someone to play with. The owner of the drum had to ensure it was well taken care of and didn’t lose its form.

… Some people had a hard time making the drum. But not me. I had observed my father bend the small pieces and I picked things up quickly. It’s one piece of wood, as thin or as wide as needed. It would bend around and connect at the ends. When I was done, I would check how it sounded. I hit it, and I knew it would be a loud drum! When I would remember that I had a song to sing, I would give it a try. If I sang about animals, such as the moose or a bear, I would bang the drum and sometimes I would sing about the moose first. I would drum more loudly and sing at a higher volume to match the drumming. That’s how I sang about the bear and he would get up, listen and make its way towards me. Sometimes he would show up very close by and I would shoot him where I saw fit, and he would fall and die instantly. He would not be getting up!

– Charlie Etapp, Mistissini



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The Land Has Memory — The Recent Past

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Canadian Museum of Civilization

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