Beavertail Snowshoes (Utihpitâwisâmich)

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The man would thread the support part in the centre. The woman would do the backside. The man’s wife would help him. A man could do it, but the role was given to the woman. They would do so together, and while his wife threaded the snowshoe, the man would begin the next pair. When she was done, he would thread the centre.

If they were made slowly, it would take longer than a week. Of all the things that are handcrafted, the snowshoe is the most meticulous to make, with 48 steps from getting the wood to the drying of the snowshoe. A man taught his son, and eventually the grandchildren. And so the cycle continued.

– Job Kawapit, Whapmagoostui



Snowshoes and Toboggans, Transportation


The Community’s Way of Life

Lending Institution / Lender

Adrian Tanner

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